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 Advantages of Data Outsourcing Services in Toronto

Advantages of Data Outsourcing Services in Toronto

Is your company’s increasing data demands outgrowing your current resources and or capabilities of your current IT Service provider? Data outsourcing services be exactly what you need to bring your business to the next level.

Most companies run on data, and they have loads of it. As each business day that passes, more and more data is created, and the number of compatible versions of existing data becomes more and more difficult to manage.

Data outsourcing can go by a variety of different names. Including big data outsourcing or data analytics outsourcing. Our team of data outsourcing specialists in our Toronto office can service a variety of methods and services.

Data outsourcing can take various forms and can consist of a variety of data types, including:

  • Customer information
  • Data on sales opportunities
  • legal information
  • portfolio management data
  • stock market data
  • research excel forecasting models
  • Microsoft Access databases of trading information
  • Patient health data
  • Online data entry services
  • Internet publication data
  • Converting hard copies to electronic filing
  • Data web collection systems
  • Web Scraping search engine data using Selenium
  • Creation of databases for data set querying
  • Data entry for patient notes, hospital records, and accident reports
  • Order entry from online platforms
  • Big-data analysis and AI development

We have over 20 years experience with all these data types, and we know from experience all this data is critical to the operation of your business. Imagine if you need to double your capacity in the next quarter- are you prepared for that scenario?

Here are the top 5 benefits of data outsourcing services for your office in Toronto:


Focus your business time on your business, not your technology. It will save you time, resources, and money. Data outsourcing will allow you to maintain the focus on your core business.


Data outsourcing is generally a lot less expensive solution than having to buy and manage your own solution at the office. Often finding the right technology at the right price on your own can also be a financial risk.

Security & Risk Management

It’s often less secure to host these solutions at the local office, where physical and logical security can be a problem to manage. A service provider specializing in data outsourcing will have the necessary control features and procedures to mitigate the risk.

As a security operation centre (SOC) in Canada, we provide complex and solid security solution surrounding the collection, storage, and management of outsourcing big data.


As your company grows, the technology investment can balloon into uncontrollable budget problems. Data outsourcing, on the other hand, provides greater scalability when your company needs it the most.

Data Outsourcing Advantage Redundancy


When your IT demands increase, having the necessary redundancies is not always possible, from a cost and strategy perspective. Businesses can make a decision to increase capacity, but not increase the redundancies at the same time. Data outsourcing services have these redundancies built into the solution.

At The Selenium Group, our managed data and managed  IT services team in the GTA can provide all these benefits and more. We can walk you through our data outsourcing service model that will meet your current and future demands.

Need 30 terabytes of disk space today? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Did you know that are automated web scraping services using selenium, can scrape more than 25,000 + domains an hour. Hire a selenium developer today! Contact us at The Selenium Group for information on our scraping big data analytics outsourcing service.

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