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Toronto Cyber Security Operation Centre Services

Navigating the world of Cyber Security is complicated. Why Choose Selenium?

Selenium Technology Partners has 20+ years’ experience with navigating the complexities of the cyber security threat landscape.

What advantages do you have with a local Toronto cyber security team? Planning, implementation, and monitoring 24/7.

  • Leveraging 20+ experience in your industry, as industry experts. With proven results.
  • Dedicated, local security operation centre (SOC). Manned by local staff only.
  • Securing your data and complying with industry standards to avoid audit issues.
  • Stress test, constant vulnerability scans, and pen testing of all systems and services.
  • You need cyber security Toronto services that will exceed expectations. A team that will work and plan for the future.
  • Protecting your assets and your businesses good name, is our primary service goal.

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Defining a Cyber Security Strategy

A cyber security strategy is a plan of actions designed to improve security. Increasing resilience of all IT infrastructures, and services. 

It's goal is to create a high-level top-down approach to cyber security in Toronto and the GTA. Establishing a range of business and stakeholder objectives, mandates, and priorities.

Its ultimate benefit is to protect your business. Your clients’ data, your company’s assets, including staff.

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Worried about how much Cyber Security Toronto will cost and if it fits your budget?

The Selenium Group implements a cyber security IT plan for all client contracts. Whether your an SMB, or a large fortune 500 company. We fit the demands of your business and industry into your budget. Meeting your long-term commitment.

Cyber security needs to be obtainable at a reasonable cost.

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Worried about how knowledgeable your staff is on cybersecurity?

One of the largest unknowns with cyber security is the threat to your staff. We manage all cyber security tasks by raining one-on-one. Group cyber security meetings and discussions are important. Implementing a training strategy on a per user basis is more effective. It's key to creating a unified front to your industry and business risks.

One-on-One cyber security training.

What does it mean to be a cyber security expert?

It means you’re certified and have practical experience in cyber security Toronto. It defines a process to create, manage, and implementing a cyber security plan. Based on proven knowledge. That’s where The Selenium Group’s security operation team exceeds expectations. 

Below is the proven Cyber Security expertise you’re looking for;

  • CompTIA Security+ –
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional/CANADA (CIPP/CANADA)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP)
  • Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI)
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Not sure if a link or website is safe?

Here are 3 excellent resources to check a file, link, or website for a cybersecurity threat.

Selenium Group’s Cyber Security Training Model

We’re responsible for keeping your business secure. We accomplish this by our proven methodology and security training experts. Experts in your industry. We deliver a detailed and precise curriculum and customized training for your staff.

Let's discuss our high-level cyber security training principals, our key focus.

  • Cloud Security
  • Computer Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Email Security
  • Information Protection
  • Insider Threat
  • Mobile Security
  • Office Security
  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • Privacy
  • Public WiFi
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Safe Disposal
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Networking
  • Travel Security
  • Web Security
  • Working Remotely

For more in-depth understanding of our training program, contact us today!

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How Does Cyber Security Protect A Business?

Cyber attackers and threats are a major concern for business. They've evolved into sophisticated hacker-for-hire services. With a capacity to destroy and reek havoc on a business. A comprehensive cyber security plan mitigates those risks.

IT Security

Protects data in transit and at rest. In and out of your local network.

Utilizing properly designed VPN, Encryption, and private network implementations.

System Access

Define who has access to what, on a need only basis. By staff, role, and need.

Ensure access from location by segregated. All access management policies should be monitored and audited.

Data Loss

Data Loss Prevention ensure that data is not stolen or lost.

 Where data is allowed to go, in our out of an organization should be monitored and controlled.

Data Integrity

Auditing changes in data. Ensuring data is not modified without reason.

That includes backups. All data should be checked regularly to ensure authenticity of the data.

Physical Security

Ensures physical access to sensitive systems is monitored and managed.

Assess and rate for risk of all workstations and servers where physical access is available to sensitive information.

System Design

Making sure all hardware is configured properly, tested, and audited regularly.

Create policies to monitor and manage all system designs and how they're set up. Ensure access is controlled.

IT Staff

Having the right IT staff to mitigate risk and manage spur of the moment issues.

This is where a security operation centre comes in. The right staff available at the right time is crucial.

Cyber Training

Group and individual training programs on cyber security best practices.

All staff and net new staff should be tested and trained regularly. Risks change, so should knowledge.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile technology is critical in a 24 / 7 IT world. You need a policy to protect it.

With the use of smartphones, you need a strategy for virus and malware services, monitoring the health, and protecting your data from equipment loss.

Endpoint Security

Implement the right endpoint security and firewall tools.

Never compromise on security for a cost saving. Deploy and manage all devices with the right protection. No exceptions.

App Security

Application controls and tools provide added security for systems.

Install, implement the right software and tools to manage all aspects of your cyber security plan.


Having a vulnerability scan scheduled for all assets in your network of services.

Scan, report, and mitigate the risk of all computer assets. Audit, and keep track of the history of each system.

Risk Assessment

Completing a risk assessment for your business. Maintain it.

Although pricey, it's an imperative step to understand all aspects of your business in respect to your risk.

Pen Testing

Define a pen strategy. Hardware, Software, Services and Staff.

Attackers are more sophisticated than ever. You need to be too. Don't discount a long-term pen testing service.

Third-Party Audits

All vendors and suppliers should be vetted and controlled.

Make sure they have the necessary controls around the services they provide your business. Ask Selenium about our security controls.

SLA's & OLA's

Service Level Agreements and Operational Level Agreements.

Protect your business with the right contracts so you know what's expected and how it will be delivered.


All staff and management should communicate regularly.

A security plan needs to be communicated and understood. You can't action issues if you're not aware of them.

DR / Backups

You need the right BCP for all critical services and systems. 

Have at least 2 completely separated and segregated backups. We do hourly, daily, weekly, in 3 locations.

Reporting & Response

Every component of every plan, of every process should be documented.

Response plans should be created and tested regularly. On all systems, services, and every process.


Every business should have cyber insurance. Not just because it's regulatory.

Cyber security insurance can be a starting point to understand your obligations to security.

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