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 How Does ITSM Improve Your Business?

How Does ITSM Improve Your Business?

ITSM In A Nutshell

IT Service Management (ITMS) is carrying out any activity related to designing, creating, implementing, supporting and managing the lifecycle of any and all IT services.

So, what are IT services? Simplifying it, it’s any piece of technology or technology service that you use in your business.

That can mean your computer, applications, printers, servers, cloud storage, virus software, iPhones, etc. They’re all services provided by your IT Service team.

Keep in mind, ITSM is a lot more in depth than managing hardware, software or IT support issues.

Why Is ITSM Important to your Business?

As a managed service provider, we can tell you that ITMS is very important! If you do business with an IT service, and they don’t follow ITSM, then you’re missing out.

Implementing ITSM can help standardize business processes that then become repeatable and reliable. ITSM is great for creating a predictable IT service. You need that predictability. When your IT service is unpredictable, that’s where it can negatively impact a business. In fact, it can cripple your business.

Benefits of ITSM Business and IT Processes

  1. It allows for the better understanding of business needs. ITSM is unique in that the business types vary, but the outcome of using ITSM can work for business across various industries.
  2. A better IT service availability. We can all agree, having a higher availability of your IT services is never a bad thing.
  3. Better availability means a higher productivity of your staff and overall operations.
  4. Increased value and cost efficiency
  5. Better manage expectations for the business
  6. Reduce the number and severity of impact when an incident does occur.
  7. Increase IT efficiencies and productivity. You need to make sure your IT service is efficient.
  8. Ability to implement processes based on accepted standards. This yields consistent and repeatable results.
  9. Increase support avenue, which will enhance regulatory and compliance requirements for your business.
  10. Increase transparency and visibility of your IT services. You don’t want to be left in the dark.
  11. Reduce incidents within your IT lifecycles
  12. Better overview of current and future needs between the business and IT.

From a business perspective, surviving is not enough. Your business needs to thrive. It needs to be able to improve efficiencies, optimize spending, reduce downtime of services and increase your own value to your customers.

All this can be achieved by ensuring your IT service provider managed its business with ITSM. The Selenium Group utilizes ITSM for all its business clients in Toronto and the GTA. It’s how we ensure customer satisfaction.

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