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Private Wealth Management IT Services In Toronto

Is your Private Wealth firm struggling with IT Issues? Are you losing trading time for your clients?

Upgrade to our Managed IT services designed for Wealth Management firms.

Benefits of Selenium Technology Partners Wealth Management IT Services in Toronto:

  • Ready 24/7 for your IT support requests. Dedicated to your finance team.
  • Instant call pickup with technicians based right here in Toronto. No outsourcing, no chat bots, no time-consuming call-waiting.
  • 10-minutes onsite service for all critical issues with your trading partners and custodians.
  • Flat rates for Private Wealth Management IT services and unlimited issue response.
  • Guaranteed service levels and response times. You can focus on daily trading, not your IT.
  • Specialized service support. Fund Service Partners, Order Management Systems (OMS), Execution Management Systems (EMS), Portfolio Management Systems.
  • For 10+ years. We’ve built and maintained dedicated wealth management IT services in the finance industry.

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A Deep Dive Into our Private Wealth Management IT Services

Our CIO has direct experience working in capital markets firms for 26 years. Including BMO Capital Markets (Trading Floor & Equity Research). As well as Scotiabank Capital Markets (Equity Research).

Over 35% of our client portfolio is in this sector.

private wealth management it services

Execution & Order Management Systems

A distinction between an OMS and EMS has become a blur. With sophisticated smart order routing, it’s pointless to view these two products as different. In some cases.

For a smaller buy side firm, there can be a difference. You need to have an IT team that understands how to support the OMS and EMS. Knowing the terminology is not enough – we have the expertise in support.

As your technology partner, we deal with challenges specific to your industry. We have business relationship with vendors to solve problems. We understand trading workflows, automated trading. Dealing with vendors for your execution reports, position management, and allocations.

We have full support and IT coverage for BLoomberg EMSX, Eze, Fidessa, Flextrade, and SimCorp.

Market Intelligent Platform Support

Market Intelligent Platforms 

We know MIP’s are crucial to institutional, retail and online traders. These market intelligent platforms are used across multiple markets. To monitor and manage risk, and as a multi-asset trading platform. From a private wealth management firms’ perceptive, it’s software for investment management & advice.

Supporting these specialized equity industry standard applications, is our forte.

Market Data tools allow you to identify new opportunities and mitigate risks for your trading strategy. They can assess potential deals, and navigation regulatory requirements and changes. Powerful tools require powerful support.

Selenium has excellent business relationships with Iress, Capital IQ, and Bloomberg. Other industry app experience include; Benzinga Pro, DarQube, FactSet, Koyfin, Symphony, and Yewno | Edge.

private wealth management it services

Custodian & Regulatory Support

Selenium understands the role of the custodian in the asset management process. We deal with these financial institution that hold this critical role. We understand trade settlements, allocations, all industry support in asset management.

Our experience and knowledge extends to various entities. Including, The Canadian Securities Administrator (CSA) and Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). We have an excellent working based knowledge for Ontario with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

We draw our best-practises based on these regulatory bodies. We deal with our clients’ challenges and requirements that run this industry.

We have long-held relationships with NBIN, CIBC Mellon, and RBC Dexia for our finance clients.

Dealer Board IT Support

Dealer Board Support

We have a specialized telecommunications equipment support packages for clients. For trading turrets (dealer boards) used by financial traders on their trading desks.

Although the industry’s trading volume is now done via electronic trading platforms, we do offer support for phone trading clients.

We support various dedicated line configurations. Including, Frame relay, Ringdown, and Private line.

We have extensive experience with IPC, and Wesley Clover Solutions.

File Security and Transfer Processes

Traders and Asset Managers communicate and send documents to high-value clients. All documents need to remain secure, and encrypted. We use the latest technology to transfer files to private cloud services. We manage, track, and audit file access. It’s imperative you know where your data is, and who has access to it.

We never use public cloud transfer services or public cloud storage if it can be avoided. We have our own proprietary systems and support.

private wealth management it services

Email Management

Email is the primary way the finance community communicates. Traders, Research Analysts, Research Associates, Portfolio Managers, all can get overwhelmed with email. Email services and inbox management is key to success.

We provide best-in-class email management tools.

We archive all emails and mail items, and create key metrics you need. Email should be your saving grace, not your nemesis.

We use the latest technology for spam, virus, and phishing protection. All a part of our monthly service plan.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is not on your average IT service. It’s a service which can increase your IT service fees. From our perspective, having a client without a plan, is not an option. We include a full BCP and disaster recovery (DR) plan for all contracts.

Whether you’re a single day trader or a team of portfolio managers. We asses all critical services and make sure your plan fits your business goals.

For our wealth management clients our BCP plan has two complete and disconnected remote sites. For all critical services.

private wealth management it services

Cyber Security Strategy For Finance

Private wealth management and high-net-worth clients have the means to pay ransoms. This is why our services in this industry are tailored to match this threat.

Preventing ransomware is our highest priority. This begins with protecting your personal and financial details. We ensure we follow all security best-practices. From all employees and any other third-party that may have access to your information.

We accomplish the highest level of security and readiness with two distinct services. Our one-on-one cyber security training. We train all your staff regularly on best-practises.

We utilize when possible a multi-firewall and honeypot systems on local client networks. Or, through our data centre co-location hosted service.

private wealth management it services

Private Wealth IT Security

We know how important it is for your firm to protect your client’s financial data. Information Security is by far our biggest concern as well. We put in place technologies and processes to ensure:

  1. We protect sensitive and trading client privileged information. Whether it’s in transit or at rest in all systems.

  2. We analyze your businesses vulnerabilities. We implement procedures and technologies to prevent data leaks. This prevents the loss of client data, and employee errors.

  3. We find and remove any gaps with how you use technology. We make sure it works for you, under the right service controls.

  4. We perform risk assessments of all your staff. We ensure they’re trained to spot threats. Trained on how to deal with them before they become a problem.


Private Wealth Management IT Support Solutions Designed For Finance Teams

No two hedge fund firms, or private wealth management firms are the same. Why would you want an IT solution that wasn't designed for your finance firm? The Selenium Group provides a finance based IT Service, fitting your firm. This allows your portfolio managers and trading team to better serve your clients.

Hardware Services

Hardware is critical to the wealth management services you provide. We make supporting your firm's hardware easy. Every firm as different hardware specs. We support any hardware you need. That includes all high-end desktop computers, to low-latency fiber hardware. We're here to support your ever-changing system needs. We manage the lifecycle of all hardware so you can keep that technology edge.

Finance Software Services

The business of finance and wealth management has unique software dependencies. Including portfolio systems, custodian, market intelligent platforms, OMS, EMS, Algo trading, workflows, etc. It's a complex universe of applications, services, and vendors. We have the necessary business relationships and support expertise. We are an IT finance industry expert.

Finance Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services can be an offering a finance firm can consider. A few things need to happen with cloud security. A private cloud is more secure, better adaptable to changes. Some services like Microsoft 365 are viable options if secured. You need to know the risks and options to make the best informed cloud decision. In the end, technology needs to service your financial firms' needs and protect your client's assets.


Advantages of Our Private Wealth IT Service

private wealth management it services

Best-in-Class Performance

Selenium provides industry leading finance firm IT support. We support more than 100 financial applications and services. Selenium established with previous capital markets  firm staff experience. We’re best suited to manage risk and security for the trading and portfolio teams. With our own cyber security team, we’ve got your Toronto office covered. We know the demand traders can put on their IT service team. We are up for the challenge. Let’s discuss your firm’s needs.

Timely, no limitation support

Portfolio Managers, Trading Teams, Support staff have intermittent hours. Our finance IT help desk is open 24/7. With access to support staff when you need it, you can remain client-focused. You can call us as many times as you need, no limitations. No added fees per call and no time limits. Scaling your technology is easy. We can meet the demands and keep your IT budget in line. We track and manage all incidents and problems to ensure peak service up-time.

private wealth management it services

IT Management and Support

Our hands-on Executive Management team is on-call. At any time. In fact, they interact with your business weekly. You may hire a single IT service, but you have an entire team working for you. Management included. Attorneys provide immediate responses to their clients. We match your level of service with ours. We have an average response time of less than 15 seconds. We’re a people business, with Management engagement 24/7.

Low Cost

Affordable IT services is critical for a small firm’s monthly budget. Without sacrificing quality, security, or service. Trading team want to focus on the return value of IT, not the expense. That’s where we fit right in. All our services are under one support model. We don’t offer a discounted service at a discounted price. Our price is competitive, and based on a per-user basis. You get an enterprise-level service at SMB price.

How To Choose The Right Private Wealth Management IT Services?

Choosing the right technology and IT support service is critical. For your wealth management firm to have an IT advantage. IT can be far from your expertise. We make this easy. We offer a free one-hour complete assessment to get you started. Our private wealth management IT services will point you in the right direction. Giving you the evidence you need to move forward in your decision.

private wealth management it services
Finance Apps & Services

Finance Applications & Services We Support


Wealth Mgmt IT Service Discount Value 2020


No install fees. Based on current IT service.

  • No Installation Fees

    No upfront fees. No hidden fees. Cost is per person, per month.

  • Technology Assessment

    We inventory and asses all IT systems and service assets. For free.

  • IT Strategy

    We create a strategic IT plan aligned with your fiance firms' unique requirements.

Take Advantage Of Our Discount

Request a quote for our private wealth management IT services based on your current service fee. Note your current situation, why you need an upgrade, and let's discuss getting you onboard.

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