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Technology QuestionsCategory: technololgyWhat is a Firewall?
Selenium Site Administrator Staff asked 1 year ago


Cisco Firewall Support
Cisco Firewall Support


A firewall is a security device (often called an appliance) that monitors network traffic. It protects a network by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of rules created and set within the firewall’s software system.

The firewall adds a layer of security between networks, or the internet, or between systems.

Keep in mind that there are hardware firewalls, as well as software firewalls. The firewall noted in the image above, is a hardware appliance. Your Windows 10 computer also comes with a firewall built into the Windows 10 operating system. It’s a software firewall. Not a very complex one, but it does the trick.

There are many firewall vendors that Selenium deals with, in our client services. Including:


We have a dedicated network team in Toronto, that manages support of all networking equipment, including firewalls. This network team if our Network Operation Centre (NOC).

Firewalls are typically used as a perimeter device between an office network and the internet. There are some instances where it makes sense to use two firewalls. For even more layers of security. This can be better accomplished by making sure you use two different hardware vendors for this type of scenario. It has a higher cyber security profile than if you used two firewalls from the same vendor. Attackers have an easier time finding faults with a single vendor than they do with different vendors when you layer them in your office network perimeter.

For more information on our NOC services, please contact us.

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